The Roush Racing Team had sent flowers to the Funeral Home and also made this decal (used as a banner above) to put on Jeff Burton's #99 car. At the time, a hometown friend, Chris Dana, was a tire changer for Jeff Burton, and is now a gas man for Mark Martin #6. We also received a sympathy card from Bill Elliott #94. We are truly grateful to whoever made this possible.

Gordy was another one of Andy's best friends. He was killed in a traffic accident on June 27, 1993. He was 22 years old.

A special day with special friends, Mike & Nay. The hat came on right after the wedding.

It seems like yesterday we first told you good-bye.
And we've lost count of all the times we've asked God why.
We saw you that night, you gave us that sweet, silly grin,
If we could only have that one night back again.
Now we cry our silent tears and hide behind a smile,
And we mention your name every once in a while.
You were the sweetest cousin and best friend we had,
It's hard for all the memories not to make us sad.
There are so many things we want to go back and say,
But now you're in our hearts and minds every hour, every day.
We love you and miss you,
But we know we'll see you again,
And we have so many good memories to hold us till then.

We received this special note from a little boy that came to the funeral home. The inside reads,"Your heart was more than big. It was very gernirous and so kind. I hope someday I'll have the same kindness as you. From the boy who you bought the bicycle for. I'll miss you, Aaron."

One summer day Andy had parked his truck in front of a little store in Ludlow. Aaron came along and parked his bike behind the truck. When Andy came out of the store, he jumped in, stuck it in reverse, and accidently ran over the bike. Needless to say, Aaron was quite upset. Andy went to the nearest Wal-Mart and bought him a new bike.

Friends Forever
Having fun at the School Prom and the Photo Booth at the local mall.

In Memoriam: We lost the best when you left us old friend. We think of you daily and the pain will never end. We did so many things together - some things we never had time to plan. Now, those times are memories and we're missing the leader of our little clan. There will be a day that more time together is what we will spend. Until that day comes, we will miss you, friend.

Fall weekends brought out the Caravans.
The kids would all get together with their trucks, and ride through the woods.

Whether it was the Pocono's or The Glen, it was a good time for friends to be together.

A life is like a song we write in our own tone and key,

Each life we touch reflects a note that forms the melody.

We choose the theme and chorus of the song to bear our name,

And each will have a special sound, no two can be the same.

So when someone we love departs, In memory we find

Their song plays on within the hearts of those they leave behind.